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A Photo Tribute Slideshow is a very touching and personal tribute which can be played at a special time in the service as a time of reflection, often after the eulogies and tributes have been read.


The photo tribute uses a selection of images, chosen by the family, from throughout your loved ones life, and is usually accompanied by a favourite song or piece of music.


Nielsen Funerals are able to scan all of your photos and produce a very personal and moving photo tribute.


Copies of the Photo Tribute DVD are given to the family as a special keepsake.


Our Funeral Chapels have state of the art video and sound systems and when a Church or other funeral venue do not have the facilities to play the photo tribute Nielsen Funerals are able to supply all of the necessary high quality audio/visual equipment.






Once contacted, Nielsen Funerals will arrange for the transfer of your loved one

from the place of death into our care.


Once your loved one has been carefully transferred into our care you can rest assured that they will receive the utmost respect and dignity by our caring team at our accredited mortuary facility. A qualified embalmer is also available.


The family may like to select some clothing for your loved one to be dressed in.

The choice of what type of clothing is entirely up to the family, some people select a full suit or formal dress while others will prefer comfortable pyjamas or night dress.

When selecting clothing we would also ask for underclothing to be included.

When required Nielsen Funerals can supply an appropriate simple garment.


The option of a viewing is an entirely personal choice, some people will feel the need to spend some time with their loved one and will benefit greatly from the chance to say a final goodbye. Others may prefer to remember the person as they were. 


Personal items such as photos and letters can be placed in the coffin at the viewing or can be given to us to have placed inside.


A viewing can be offered in the days leading up to the funeral and would usually be held in our private and comfortable chapel. A viewing can also take place immediately prior to the funeral service. 



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