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The personal preference for cremation continues to become more and more common,

perhaps due to the many different ways that the cremated remains can be memorialised

or because cremation is often much less expensive than traditional burial.


Each cremation is carefully and individually carried out by professionally trained crematorium staff. The nameplate is removed from the coffin just as the coffin is placed in the cremator, the nameplate is then kept in a special holding pocket on the cremator. 

All cremated remains (commonly known as ashes) are thoroughly removed from the cremator and after the cooling down process, they are then placed in a plastic urn which is then collected by Nielsen Funerals on behalf of the family, usually within one week of the funeral service.

Nielsen Funerals will contact the family when the ashes are in our care, the family can then collect the ashes at their convenience or if preferred we can deliver the ashes to you.


Crematoriums are located at Traralgon (Gippsland Memorial Park), Dandenong South (Bunurong Memorial Park), Springvale (Springvale Botanical Cemetery) as well as Fawkner and Altona.


Following the funeral service and cremation there are many different options with what can be done with the cremated remains and of course there is no hurry to decide. Nielsen Funerals are able to collect and hold the cremated remains until

you have made this decision. Some options include:

Scattered in one or more special locations


The cremated remains can be scattered in one or more special locations, such as the family home or farm, beach, bush or favourite holiday or leisure location.


Families often choose to scatter ashes in a place that was meaningful and it is very simple for ashes to be transported interstate or overseas when required.



Kept at home


The cremated remains can be kept by the family at home and can also be divided into several urns if family members decide to keep a portion each.


Nielsen Funerals offer a large range of different urns and sizes you may like to choose from made from a variety of different materials including brass, stone, timber, pewter, ceramic and biodegradable cardboard. A small amount of cremated remains can also be placed in special necklaces. Nielsen Funerals are able to transfer the ashes into the chosen urn for you.


Rose Gardens



Wall Niche



Shrub Gardens



Cremated remains can also be placed in the garden at home and Nielsen Funerals can help to arrange a small plaque or memorial.




Memorialised at a Cemetery


Ashes can be interred or placed at a Cemetery with a plaque or memorial to create a place for family and friends to visit.


Cemeteries have many different memorial options for cremated remains, which may include rose gardens, shrub gardens, wall niches or other depending on the Cemetery.


Ashes can also be interred in graves where other loved ones have been buried.

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