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Nielsen Funerals can arrange the printing of high quality service booklets and keepsake cards which are given to those attending

the funeral service as a special keepsake.


These booklets and cards usually include photos, verses and text chosen by the family.

Nielsen Funerals are able to provide you with a book of different poems and verses.


We have many different design and paper/card options and we welcome any special requests or suggestions that you may have.


Order of Service Booklets and Mass Booklets


A5 (A4 folded in half) Service booklets and Mass booklets would usually contain the order of service and is the most popular choice for funeral services held in Churches as they have the space for the printing of prayers, bible readings and hymns. Having this detail printed

in the booklet makes it easier for those attending to participate in the funeral service.

When extra space is required, a paper insert can be stapled inside the booklet. 


The content for the order of service is usually provided to Nielsen Funerals by the Minister

or Celebrant once they have met with the family. 

Bookmark Keepsake Cards


These keepsakes are a bookmark sized card.


The keepsakes usually feature a favourite photo on the front with the persons name

and dates of birth/death, a verse or second photo can also be included.


The back of the keepsake can be left blank or can have more photos, verse or even a

simple order of service.


Each bookmark keepsake is laminated with rounded corners.

Keepsake Booklets


A6 Keepsake booklets are a smaller four page service booklet with a similar appearance to the A5 service booklets.  


Keepsake Cards


Keepsake cards are A6 double sided (two page) card, similar to a post card, and would usually include a favourite photo on the front with the persons name and date of birth and death, the back could also include one or more other photos and often a poem, verse or other text.

Thank you Cards


Nielsen Funerals can also arrange thank you cards which may be sent to family and friends following the funeral service. The most common size for a thank you card is A6 similar to a keepsake booklet. We can also supply envelopes which perfectly fit the thank you cards.

Holy Cards, Santini Cards and Prayer Cards


Nielsen Funerals can arrange the production and printing of Holy Cards when requested.


They can be printed as a four page booklet or a double sided (two page) card.


We have many different religious images to select from and can supply some examples

of text. These cards can be handed to people as they arrive at the Funeral Service/Mass

or may be sent to people as a thank you card following the Service.

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