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Memorial Books


Most funerals today include a memorial book which acts as an attendance record and is a beautiful keepsake for the family to remember those who attended the service. Details of the service are printed in the book and all newspaper notices are collected by Nielsen Funerals and stuck in.


Nielsen Funerals are able to supply quality bound memorial book options.

Framed Photographs


Nielsen Funerals can arrange the enlargement, editing and framing of family photos to be displayed at the funeral service.

A framed photo is often featured on top of the coffin and at the entrance to the chapel, church or funeral venue next to the memorial book.


We are able to offer a large range of frame options and sizes for your photos which are then kept by the family after the funeral.

Donations in lieu of flowers


If the family request donations be made to a charity in lieu of flowers Nielsen Funerals will supply a donation colection box and donation envelopes at the funeral service. Donations received at the funeral service are then delivered or forwarded by Nielsen Funerals on behalf of the family, the family will be sent a letter from the charity thanking them for the donations received in memory of their loved one.

White Dove Release


White doves symbolise peace, love and freedom and can be a very memorable and personal touch.


Nielsen Funerals can arrange these white doves which can be released by the family by hand or from the elegant white cages.

Butterfly Release


Nielsen Funerals can arrange beautiful butterflies which can be released at

the funeral service by family members.

Photo Boards


Nielsen Funerals have large photo boards for families to borrow at no charge to display a selection of special photos at the funeral service and/or the wake. We also have large easels to display these photo boards.

Funeral Recording and Photography


Nielsen Funerals can arrange the recording of the funeral service and is an option becoming more and more popular, especially when it is not possible for some family or friends to attend the funeral service.


When required, we are able to create an audio recording of the funeral service at no charge, if preferred we are able to arrange a videographer to film the service and/or a photographer to take professional funeral photos all done very discretely.


Funerals held in our funeral chapels can be recorded using fixed cameras positioned around the chapel.

Mounted Crucifix


A mounted crucifix is traditionally a popular option for Catholic families.


As standard practice, a crucifix is featured on the top of the coffin/casket as part of a Catholic Funeral.


Following the Funeral the crucifix can be removed from the coffin and mounted on to a crucifix stand with a special name plate to be kept by the family as a special memento.


Alternatively the crucifix can remain with the coffin. 

Temporary Grave Markers


Following a burial, Nielsen Funerals are able to supply a temporary grave marker which is placed on the grave until the final plaque or memorial has been installed. These hand made timber markers have a personalised name plate with your loved ones photo, name and dates or some additional text if you prefer. Once the final memorial has been installed many families choose to take these markers home and place them in the garden.

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