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If burial is chosen, Nielsen Funerals will discuss the different options available.


On the day of the funeral service we will set up the graveside to make it as comfortable as possible, with large canopies and umbrellas to protect from the weather, clean grass matting to cover soil and a lowering device. A suitable P.A. system with microphone and built in CD player is also supplied at all burials as are a minimum of 30 chairs (all where possible).


New Grave


If there is not already an existing plot, and no prior arrangements have been made, a new

grave will need to be purchased at the Cemetery of your choice.


Nielsen Funerals can assist you with the purchase of a new grave and, if you wish, you can meet with us or a representative from the Cemetery Trust to select the exact location.

Types of graves do vary slightly from Cemetery to Cemetery (Please see some examples below).


Unless specified otherwise, each new grave is automatically dug as a double plot with room for two burials with the idea that a husband and wife or family members can be laid to rest together. When requested, graves can also be dug with room for three for a small additional fee.


Reopen Grave


Because each grave is automatically dug with space for two and sometimes three burials the family can select to reopen an existing grave for someone else to be buried in the same plot.


Burials are one above the other with a space of soil in-between, the plaques would then sit side by side or a second inscription can be made on an existing headstone.


Although the plot is already owned by the family the Cemetery do charge a fee to reopen the grave. This reopen fee covers the Interment and digging.


Reserved / Pre-Purchased Grave


A Reserved Grave is a grave that has been selected and a deposit pre-paid prior to death.

This allows you to select the exact plot, the grave is then held and the balance paid at the time

of the funeral.


Many families reserve graves so that family may be laid to rest next to each other or in the same area. If you would like to reserve a grave you can phone the Cemetery of your choice or contact us for assistance.

Types of Graves


Plaque Lawn Graves


Plaque lawn graves have brass plaques fitted to concrete or granite bases.



Monumental Lawn Graves


Monumental lawn graves have a granite headstone fitted to an existing concrete beam.


Monumental Graves


Monumental graves are completely covered in granite or marble with a headstone.







Vaults are burials in concrete lined graves and are usually covered with a full granite or marble monument and headstone.


The Plaque or Headstone Memorial


Temporary Grave Marker following the Funeral


Following the Funeral Service a temporary marker is placed on the grave. Nielsen Funerals are able to supply a timber gravemarker at no charge, this usually includes a photo and the name and dates, This marker will stay on the grave until the plaque or headstone has been installed.


Brass Plaques


If the grave is to be marked with a brass plaque the family will need to contact the Cemetery Trust or Nielsen Funerals for assistance.


Brass plaques can be kept very simple or may be personalised with a vast number of colours, borders, emblems and photographs available.


There is no hurry to organise the plaque and many families take their time, plaques generally take 6 weeks to return and be put in place at the cemetery from the date they are ordered.


We have prepared a step-by-step brochure which many families find helpful when they are ready to start arranging the plaque. Please click here to download the Nielsen Funerals Arranging The Cemetery Plaque brochure.

Headstones and Monuments


To arrange a monument and/or headstone a Monumental Mason will need to be contacted.


Monumental Masons can supply you with brochures and photos of examples and often have a showroom you can visit. They will liaise with the Cemetery Trust and will be able to provide you with the cost and time frame once they have a better understanding of your requirements.


Nielsen Funerals are able to provide you with contact details of local Monumental Masons.



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