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Information required to apply

for a Victorian Death Certificate:


Full Name


Date and Place of Birth


Usual Occupation


Marriage Details

Full name of spouse(s), date and place of marriage(s)


Children's full names and dates of birth


Father's full name and occupation


Mother's full name and occupation


Mother's maiden name

As part of our service, Nielsen Funerals will apply for the death certificate on your behalf.


During the funeral arrangement meeting we will ask the personal details required to register your loved ones passing with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (these can be found on the bottom left hand corner of this page).


These personal details combine with the medical (cause of death) certificate we receive from the doctor/hospital and come back to you as a full death certificate.


The death certificate usually takes three weeks to arrive from the date of the funeral and this will allow you to begin settling any affairs you may have with the banks, solicitors and all other legalities.


The death certificate is sent directly to you from Births Deaths and Marriages, the envelope is clearly marked stating that it contains a death certificate inside. 


You will receive one original copy of the certificate. If you take this original copy to a solicitor, police station, justice of the peace or anyone who can do a statutory declaration, they are able to certify copies.


If you are dealing with a solicitor they will require the original death certificate but for most banks and billing companies certified copy should suffice.


You will find that the death certificate is a very important document as it is really your only legal proof of the death at this stage, there is very little you can do without the certificate with banks, bills etc.




When the Coroner is involved, the death certificate may be delayed.

We are able to apply for an interim death certificate which will allow you to begin settling affairs. This interim certificate should arrive approximately three weeks

after the funeral.


An interim death certificate does not state a cause of death as it may be pending the Coroners report, once this report is completed and submitted, Births, Deaths and Marriages will automatically send a full death certificate to you.

This can sometimes take several months.


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