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Chrysler 12 seat Limousine


We are also able to arrange the hire of a 12 seat Chrysler limousine to

drive family members to and from the funeral service.


These limousines are available in several colours including silver and black.

Harley Davidson Hearse


The Harley Davidson Hearse offers a unique option for motorbike enthusiasts.

The rider is dressed in the appropriate attire for this special send off.


The sidecar platform has typical chrome rollers for easy access with non damaging rubber-end clamps for safe, secure transit of the coffins final journey.


(Photo courtesy of Last Ride Funerals).


Horsedrawn Hearse


Nielsen Funerals are able to arrange the hire of an elegant Horsedrawn hearse as another unique alternative to a traditional hearse.


A selection of white or dapple grey horses are available, adorned with ostrich

feather plumes.


The professional and experienced drivers are dressed in appropriate funeral attire.

In the past we have conducted many funerals where the family have selected to use their own vehicles to transport the coffin

and/or family to the funeral service, such as trucks, tractors and utes. Nielsen Funerals have a custom made coffin base which will

easily fit a truck.


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